Looking for Quick Computer Repair Done at a Reasonable Price?


Let 123 System Solutions take care of these problems quickly. Most computer maintenance and malware issues are resolved within 1 day! Same day service available.

Replacing the screens on all your devices is as easy as 123!

If we have your screen in stock, we will have it replaced within hours

We know your time is important

We want you to have you computer back quickly - most repairs are done within 24 hours

Bring Your Computer in for Free Basic Diagnostics!

Apple Computer Repair

From your iMac to your Macbook Pro - we can repair your Apple product.

We repair:

Screens - Hard Drives - Fan Replacements - Running Slow - Ram and Storage Upgrades - Keyboard Replacements and More

Broken Laptop Screen?

We Repair laptop screens on all types and sizes of laptops. If we have your screen in stock, we usually have it replaced within hours of drop off. If we don't have it in stock, we'll have it within 1-2 days.

Located at the Gateway Mall

We are located at the Gateway Mall, next to the Cookie Company. We have covered parking available.


Mon - Fri: 9:00A to 6:00P

Saturday: 10:30A - 6:00P

We fix all Laptops Problems, not just the easy ones!


Common Laptop Problems We repair:


Battery not holding a charger or charger not working
Laptop gets very warm to the touch / Overheating problems
Keyboard problems - keys not working, sticking
Not powering on at all
Blank, broken, or very dim screen
No Internet Connection or Popups / Unwanted Pages show up




Looking to Recycle Your Computers and Electronics? We can help with that -


Electronics Recycling Lincoln NE

Drop your items off with us


Nebraska Recycles specializes in Electronics Recycling right here in Lincoln, NE. We provide environmentally sound solutions and data destruction for both residential and commercial customers. We service Lincoln and the surrounding areas.

Money is tight these days- so when you can help keep Nebraska Green and not lose any of your green to do it everyone wins. We are a Nebraska owned business - employing Nebraskans to help Nebraska. With our low overhead costs and our 10+ years of recycling experience - we are priviliged to offer most of our services free to our community.

Click Here to Visit Nebraska Recycles Website