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PC and Apple: Laptops and Desktops - We fix it all!

Replacing the screens on all your devices is as easy as 123!

If we have your screen in stock, we will have it replaced within hours

Time is Money! We fix Computer Problems as Quickly as Possible - Simple Repairs can be done while you wait

We know keeping up with your work and online activities is important - we will fix it as quickly as possible!

Computer Repair Simplified!

No Appointment needed! Stop in for a quick free estimate!

We have a simple 3 tier price option for malware removal with computer optimization to fit your budget!

Beware of Telephone Scams

Have a question about a message on your computer - give us a call.

DO NOT LET ANYONE YOU DO NOT KNOW TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR COMPUTER! There are alot of companies that will call you with scare tactics trying to get you to fix it over the phone, don't let anyone take remote control of your computer that you do not know!

Computer Slow?

Malware removal and computer optimization is our most popular service. We offer 3 simple options for you:

24 Hour Service: $148

48 Hour Service: $128

3-5 Day Service: $98



Located at Gateway Mall

We are located at the Gateway Mall, next to the Cookie Company. We are in the covered parking area across from Sears.


Mon - Fri: 10:30A to 6:00P

Saturday: 10:00A - 4:00P

Lincoln's Laptop and Computer Repair. Viruses and Malware, PC and Apple, Desktops and Laptops - Lincoln's Computer Repair Specialists


Common Laptop Problems We repair:


Battery not holding a charger or charger not working
Laptop gets very warm to the touch / Overheating problems
Keyboard problems - keys not working, sticking
Not powering on at all
Blank, broken, or very dim screen
No Internet Connection or Popups / Unwanted Pages show up




Time to Recycle Your Computers and Electronics?


Electronics Recycling Lincoln NE



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Nebraska Recycles specializes in handling electronic waste streams of large businesses. We travel all over the state helping large commercial clients manage aging or defective IT equipment and data security needs, including onsite hard drive destruction.

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